Features of the iPhone 7

Recently introduced is the iPhone 7, the latest released from Apple. Since the very first iPhone, people have gone crazy over this model. Each model change offers something different, new and exciting. Some of the things that you can look forward to on the iPhone 7 include the following items.

No Headphone Jack

There is no headphone jack in the iPhone 7, which is a big disappointment for many people. However, you can still listen to music in a variety of ways. A pair of wireless head buds is available for purchase separately, and of course Apple hopes this is the method that you use to listen to your music. But you can click this link http://www.microchip.com and learn other ways to listen to your music on your iPhone 7 as well.


How many phones have you dropped in water of some sort to date? Most of us won’t answer that question without a bit of a grimace on our face because it’s happened to us all at least once. Now, thanks to the iPhone 7, that’s no longer a problem because this phone is waterproof. It has been tested time and time again and can withstand water without affecting the phone.


You want to have the phone that looks the coolest, looks the best and has the best features, and when you have the iPhone 7 in your hand, that’s exactly what you have. This is the iPhone or the smartphone that everyone wants to own.

Charges Wirelessly

Just like you probably dropped your phone in water a million times, you probably also purchased a million chargers because they stopped working, you’ve lost them, or for some other sort of reason. Thanks to the ability to charge the iPhone 7 wirelessly, that is yet another concern you don’t have. That’s right, you don’t even need a charger to get your battery back to 100%.

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